It means we see both sides, and resist the pressures that can push us into extreme ways of thinking, working or living. It also means we are  open to all, and refuse to discriminate against people or make judgments based on gender, race, religion, political persuasion, sexual preference, or way of life. Being fair means listening as much as we talk,  and giving back as much as we take.

Honest means sincere.

It means not faking it, walking the walk as much as we talk the talk. It means putting our money, our time and our energy where our mouth is. Being honest means admitting our mistakes, and owning  up to our responsibilities—something that applies to companies as much as it does to individuals.

Positive means constructive.

It means building things—and people—up, not breaking  them down. It means suggesting rather than criticizing,  and working for solutions rather than just complaining. It means supporting others when they try, encouraging them when they fail, and celebrating with them when they  succeed. It means, “we can” more often than “we can’t.”

Creative means imaginative.

It means thinking outside the box. Being creative means finding a way around a problem, rather than stopping when the walls are too high. It means  looking at new ways, listening to new ideas and trying new strategies. It means striving for the most  innovative solution because just being good enough is never good enough. Being creative means having dreams, and then making those dreams real things, in our individual worlds, in our company’s world, in the real world.
is for you, for business, for life.
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ask yourself, is what i'm about to do:
If the answer is NO to any of these questions, rethink YOUR ACTION UNTIL you get a YES to all four. If the answer is yes to all four, then the probability is that what you are about to do will benefit people, planet and profit.



we have adopted :fhpc as our moral compass as a tool to help us to do better.



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the backstory

Through an in-depth study, from the ancient Greeks to the recent post-modernists philosophies, several consistent elements from the most positive and pro-social messages have emerged to inspire the 4Keys to ethical decision making: Fair, Honest, Positive & Creative, :FHPC.

In 2007, the social innovation hub of a global sports-lifestyle brand, sought to develop an ethical framework to support beliefs already held, but undefined by the company. After nearly a year, a think-tank of 11 people, including a CEO, strategic planner, environmentalist, museum director, art curator, science philosopher and writer, developed and incubated Fair, Honest, Positive, and Creative, :FHPC.

Within the company :FHPC has been the soil out of which many new sustainable and innovative ideas and programs have successfully grown, and :FHPC continues to flourish today.

:FHPC was designed to be universal and shared, to help us move away from the old paradigm of compete and consume, and move toward the new paradigm of cooperate and conserve to accelerate the movement towards a better people and planet.